Sean O'Gorman

Different kinds of poems.

The people who love me want me to be immortal and I’m afraid to tell them that one day I’m gonna die.

Sometimes the days that start the worst and last the longest can end in the most beautiful way.

The only reason I’m glad my memory sucks is because I can re-watch my favourite shows and still enjoy them like it was the first time.

It might come down to a single thought, a moment where you react without fear. That split second, hairs width time frame where you get to show yourself who and what you are.

I found myself at the bottom of a bottle, broken at the base of the stairs and dancing on broken glass.



We used to be a masterpiece
with paint beautifully layered
over bruises and scars

But, like most everything,
Paint too fades with time
And our imperfections distorted the view.

and we sink back
into the folds of our laugh lines
and smile as we disappear.


My eyes can only see so far

and in the burden of distance

all I really have

are these interpretations. 


Any time your name comes to mind

I always hear

the same song in my head.

It twists my memories

into something more obscure

and as your name

cuts itself into me

I feel more like a witness,

someone taking notes

just so they remember the only person

they’ve ever known.


There’s something about

the space between buildings

that lets us forget,

it lets us walk past it like a graveyard

where garbage meets discarded people

and dumpsters hold more than we’re willing to say.